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CNeuro - Theoretical & Computational Neuroscience Summer School​

How intelligence and behavior emerge from complex and intricate interactions within the brain remains a deep and unsolved mystery, central to an exciting area of interdisciplinary research. The past decade has seen rapid progress in experimental tools that now make it possible to monitor and manipulate brain circuits in unprecedented detail. This evolution presents challenges and opportunities for both experimentalists and theorists, as the complex algorithmics of brain function and the intricate interactions among neurons cannot be approached with experiments alone. Mathematical theory is instrumental in the emergence of theoretical insights and frameworks that can help guide experimental work and identify unifying principles of brain function.

Wanting to make state-of-the-art knowledge accessible to interested students and researchers around the globe, the organizers decided to create CNeuro in 2018. Every year, they put together a summer school program of the highest level, inviting a handpicked set of brilliant scientists who are leaders in their field. The selected faculty shares its expertise and latest research insights with the participants of the summer schools.

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