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Cognitive Science

Information-Constrained Coordination of Economic Behavior

G. Aridor, R. Azeredo da Silveira, and M. Woodford
Preprint (2023) 

Resource-Rational Account of Sequential Effects in Human Prediction 

A. Prat-Carrabin, F. Meyniel, and R. Azeredo da Silveira
Preprint (2022) 

Biases and Variability from Costly Bayesian Inference

A. Prat-Carrabin, F. Meyniel, M. Tsodyks, and R. Azeredo da Silveira
Entropy 23 (603), e23050603 (2021) 

Human Inference in Changing Environments with Temporal Structure

A. Prat-Carrabin, R. C. Wilson, M. J. D. Cohen, and R. Azeredo da Silveira
Psychological Review, 128 (5), 879–912 (2021)

Optimally Imprecise Memory and Biased Forecasts

R. Azeredo da Silveira, Y. Sung, and M. Woodford
Preprint (2020) 

Noisy Memory and Over-Reaction to News

R. Azeredo da Silveira and M. Woodford
AEA Papers and Proceedings 109, 557–561 (2019)   

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